A little bit about the artists

Hello and welcome! Our names are Donnie and Aubrey & we want to share a little bit of our story with you! Donnie moved to the United States from Chile when he was 19 and Aubrey grew up in a small town in Ohio. Our lives intertwined the moment we met each other on a beach in Florida in 2014. We have been best friends & sweethearts ever since. We stumbled through life together trying to figure out our place in the world as creative souls up until September of 2022 when some of Donnie's handmade clay jewelry had gone completely viral on TikTok! We were both blown away by the love & support we were receiving from people all over the world! It has now turned into us both working full time for this wonderful business where Donnie continues to make his handmade jewelry and Aubrey makes tumblers!